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We advise you as if it was about our own procurement and supply chain. Always with these goals:

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A selection of customers who already enjoy smooth logistics operations:​

Multinational corporation or small caps: we optimise for companies of all sizes

In case you are wondering whether we are a good match: we come into play with our customers in the following scenarios. ​


Many important projects at the same time, but lack of manpower

Good order situation, but deadlines cannot be met

High priority projects but lack of resources and know-how

Lack of experience,
high risk

Growth and/or globalisation lead to uncertainties

Structures are changing from decentralised to centralised

Challenges in the area of M&A require new processes in purchasing & co.

Blind Spots: search & find

You feel that your turnover could be higher and expenses could be lower

Lack of transparency and data chaos lead to confusion and uncertainty

Lack of own resources restrict you from thinking and acting big

Does any of this sound familiar to you? We help you turn the tide so you can focus on what drives you.

Have you already heard from us? Then possibly from here:​

Problems in logistics, purchasing and supply chain? We got the solutions.

All good things come in 3x2: We solve these 6 problem areas


Missing benchmark.
No clues.

You don't have a partner at your side who gives you insights for your industry, pushes you in the right direction or optimises your expenses?

We bring you and your costs back on track. So that the paths you take no longer have to be gut decisions.


Blindspots? Are known. Way out? None.

You are aware of your so-called "blind spots", but you lack the know-how and/or the resources in the team to eliminate them?

We are not only your visual aid, we take you to where you and your employees have always wanted to be.


Wrong or no purchasing strategy

Did you always have the feeling that you are buying goods and materials too expensive in logistics, but don't know how to get out of this misery?

We advise you in such a way that not only will your wallet be happy, but that supply bottlenecks and empty warehouses will (in the future) no longer be an issue.


Nothing fits: structure, processes & role assignments

You set yourself new important targets every year. But despite all your efforts, do you end up just failing to achieve it?

We can reassure you: sometimes all it takes is a fresh look from the outside that brings clarity. And we always bring this with us.


Tools here and there

Tools like Excel & Co. can be a real blessing. But you know: a curse as well. At the latest when one tool doesn't know what the other is doing.

We make sure that your software “talks to each other” and that it is always clear what information is available to you and where to find it.


Missing monitoring & controlling

Not sure if you and your business are growing? Or you do not know the reasons for the growth? One word: data.

We support you in creating your most important metrics, keeping an eye on them and reading them. The growth comes (almost) by itself.

A selection of happy customers

Special fields as far as the eye can see.
This is what you get from us:


  • Sea, Land, Air, Barge, Rail, Parcel, Short Sea, Warehouse
  • Inbound, Outbound, Intercompany
  • Loading operations
  • Process optimisation
  • Distribution concept
  • Warehouse locations
  • Optimisation of flows
  • Service optimisation
  • KPIs
  • On-time deliveries
  • Freight controlling
  • Network change alarm
  • Identification of digitisable processes
  • Cost-benefit analysis
  • Implementation & Change Management


  • Strategies & implementation
  • Product related strategy
  • Negotiation
  • Indirect: Transport & Logistics, Warehouse
  • Direct: Raw material, packaging and more!
  • SRM / Partnership + Qualification
  • Spot vs. Long Term Contracts
  • Compliance
  • Simulation, optimisation
  • KPIs
  • Reporting
  • Forecast vs. real
  • Freight
  • Process
  • Best Practices
  • Internal / external

Supply Chain

  • Resources needed
  • Manpower internal / external
  • SOPs & Concepts
  • Implementation & Change Management
  • Pre-qualification
  • Supply Chain Law
  • Strategic fit
  • Global, regional, local
  • Single, dual, multi
  • Concept according to strategy
  • Make or buy
  • Cost & Service Analysis
  • Know-how management
  • Flexibility & agility
  • Ability to innovate
  • Security of supply
  • Data cleaning & analysis
  • SWOT analysis
  • Optimisation

We are your partner.
We are OCCON.

If you ask us what our goal is as a management consultancy, the answer is actually quite simple: to make customers from logistics, purchasing and supply chain management happy. How do we do that? The answers are as individual as our customers.

As a company that is based in Europe but advising customers all over the world, there is hardly anything that we have not been able to get right. We make it work for our customers. No matter whether in logistics, in purchasing or anywhere else along the supply chain. And this since 2007!

A lot has happened since that time. Today, our employees are spread all over the world and spreading our corporate DNA: flexibility – integrity – reliability. This is so well received by our project partners that they recommend us internally when they take the next career step when they take the next career step internally or even if they start working for a new company!

Oh, and did we mention we’ve developed our own software to keep your processes seamless? Yes, we did.

Managing Director:
Sabrina Baehr

Every healthy company needs that one person who not only knows where to go, but who takes action and shows a clear edge. At OCCON, this person goes by the name of Sabrina Bähr.

Sabrina’s expertise in logistics & Co. started even before OCCON. At that time still working as a consultant for the pharmaceutical and automotive industry, she recognized very quickly what the “big players” need in order to be efficient and showed them what is important.

Unmistakably transparent project management and clear communication (internally and externally) are your guarantee for every strategic project success.

What drives Sabrina: Sustainable and independent solutions for customers. To make this work, it is important to her that an honest and trusting environment is created in partnerships. An interrelation in which one speaks openly and directly (and puts the finger in the wound whenever necessary). Like a professional friendship, if you will.

Privately, Sabrina has petrol in her veins. When she’s not bridling the horsepower, she’s pushing herself at CrossFit. You know: healthy mind and healthy body and so on.

Managing Director:

As the saying goes: A good managing director rarely comes alone. 

Joachim had his fingers in the consulting industry long before founding OCCON. Everything to do with chemistry and advice on transport purchasing are among his areas of expertise.

Methodologically and strategically very strong, he is largely responsible for ensuring that even the most complex customer challenges are solved in such a way that you ask yourself why you didn’t think of it yourself.

What drives Joachim: Develop products for customers that make their lives easier – not just their jobs. For him, creating AHA moments to the partners’ daily plans is like a duck takes water and included in his 360° consulting service.

His hobbies? Pool billard & darts, smart financial strategies and travelling the world.

Our performance? Clearly: your satisfaction.

We always advise our customers as if it were our own company. Your unbeatable advantage: With our in-house eSourcing tool u-tender we increase your operational efficiency! In plain language: You save hundreds of hours of work time and free up completely new capacities for tactical, strategic and operational tasks!


Experience of 10: Our experts become yours.

Strategies that can be implemented immediately:
Long-term positive results

Change management: 
We get the entire team on board

Clear communication:
Everyone on the same page, everyone pulling in the same direction

by u-tender

Data collection, tenders, analysis & contract management

Almost too easy to be true
Extremely easy to use

Complex things at a glance: 
Always keep an eye on your KPIs

adapts to you, not the other way around

Your extended workbench

We love service:
We are at your side for every challenge

No stress: We are here to make your everyday life easier

Process outsourcing:
We are not just consultants, we are partners

Key contacts:
Trust and quality are included

A few success stories.
Or: get a taste of our cooperation.

Sector: agrochemicals

Service level: Consulting
Annual turnover: EUR 1.2 billion
Customer since: 2013

The challenge: 

High transport due to decentralised purchasing organisation.

The goal:

Potential analysis & blueprint to optimise the entire transport purchasing organisation and subsequent implementation.

The solution:

  • Definition of best-in-class processes
  • Centralisation of purchasing
  • Data analysis & optimisation of data quality
  • Stakeholder interviews
  • Involvement of management & team in the change process

The result:

  • Cost savings and long-term fair market prices for all modes of transport
  • Optimum setup of the purchasing organisation in order to be able to react to market changes at short notice

Sector: Private Equity

Service level: Consulting, u-tender
Annual turnover: EUR 18.1 billion
Customer since: 2013

The challenge: 

Insufficient focus on logistics purchasing, lack of expertise and bottlenecks in specialist staff.

The goal:

The implementation and implementation of a market-oriented purchasing process in order to remain competitive.

The solution:

  • Definition of requirements and award rules
  • Optimisation of data quality & analysis of scenarios
  • Preparation & execution of the purchasing process by OCCON
  • Implementation of u-tender (own eSourcing tool)
  • Service provider management
  • Assistance in important negotiations
  • Complete planning and execution of strategy and implementation

The result:

  • Harvesting savings potentials (often in the 2-digit percentage range)
  • OCCON advice and service as part of the purchasing organisation

Sector: FMCG

Service level: Consulting, u-tender
Annual turnover: EUR 22 billion
Customer since: 2011

The challenge: 

Resource bottlenecks due to weekly demands from 62 local units that had to be tendered and awarded centrally.

The goal:

Outsourcing of the entire purchasing process in order to save internal capacities and free up resources for other fields.

The solution:

  • Preparation & execution of the purchasing process by OCCON
  • Implementation of u-tender (own eSourcing tool)
  • Service provider management
  • Definition of rules and requirements
  • Ongoing data analysis and recommendations for action

The result:

  • Global market penetration
  • Securing capacities at current market conditions
  • Flexible organisation by outsourcing to OCCON

Sector: Automotive

Service level: Consulting, u-tender, Workbench
Annual turnover: 240 Mrd. EUR
Customer since: 2008

The challenge:

Global stakeholders and high demands on logistics as there is a direct link with the production schedule.

The goal: 

Collect requirements and centralise highly complex tenders using an eSourcing platform. Also: increase data quality and thus transparency at the same time.

The solution:

  • Definition of rules and templates for logistics
  • Digital implementation of complex rules to automatically calculate capacities, KPIs, scores and TDC
  • Overall optimisation of the process based on the improved data situation and transparency

The result:

  • Fact-based decisions based on total supply chain costs
  • OCCON as a knowledge keeper in a geographically and hierarchically complex organisation

A selection of customers who already enjoy smooth logistics operations:

Ready for leaner processes along the supply chain? This is how we come together.

Our promise: At OCCON there is nothing off-the-shelf. We are listening!​



We develop individual solutions for all our customers. In order to do the same for you, we should get to know each other.

Simply click on the button and secure an appointment with Sabrina or Joachim.

Your invest: 20 Minutes



Did the first meeting suit your taste?

Excellent! Based on your challenges we develop initial solutions to challenges and discuss and refine them in an initial strategy meeting.

Your invest: 60 Minutes


Individual offer

We will develop an offer for you that is tailored to your challenges and wishes. In addition to a precise service description and a project schedule, you will also receive an exact overview of the required resources.

Offer period: one week

Your invest: : 30 Minutes

By the way: If a pilot project is an option for a first collaboration, we will be happy to make a separate offer!


Project start

As a rule, the project can start two weeks after the first meeting.

Your invest: we do most of the work


The preparation of an offer takes different times. We design the offers for our customers individually. You will receive an estimate of the duration directly from your contact person before the offer is made.

Your project will be managed by a permanent contact person, project manager or a project employee. Always available for you: our managing directors! Especially with new projects, they are more involved than usual.

The duration of a project depends entirely on your needs and the challenges. Project times in the consulting area are usually between one and six months. In the area of purchasing, an average project lasts around three months.

Your project can be started immediately after placing the order.

At OCCON there is no exhaustive price list. We usually calculate our offers on the basis of the effort involved. Should there be a desire for a success-based solution, we are happy to discuss this.

No, but that doesn’t pose a problem for projects. It doesn’t matter whether it’s about project management or tool support. At OCCON, all projects have always been international. We work seamlessly with all continents and are an efficient and well-established team when it comes to workflows.

We advise and support our customers in English, German, Spanish and Turkish.

Yes! We are experts in logistics and cover all modes of transport and commodities for our customers (whether sea, air, barge, short sea, rail, packaging material, raw materials or warehouses)

On average, tenders take three months.


Corporate Headquarter Office
Ludwigshafen, Germany

OCCON Business Innovation Centre
Mannheim, Germany 

Riga Office
Riga, Latvia 

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