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A solution to procurement and supply chain transformation.

OCCON is an owner-managed independent boutique logistics and procurement consultancy company. We are committed to redefining what procurement transformation, supply chain management, and logistics solutions are worldwide.

Our expertise in procurement management and logistics performance can transform your company.

Experts that combine strategic thinking and know-how with innovative in-house-engineered software solutions for one common goal: achieve transformation in procurement, logistics, and supply chain. Transformation that impacts the long-term profitability of companies. Our procurement consultancy is predicated on three building blocks: change consulting, expertise, and digital solutions.

"We at OCCON are here to support your business in the long run. We go beyond standardized procedures and offer tailormade solutions for your business. We have successfully contributed in shaping procurement strategies and organizations worldwide. With us our customers are driving change in their respective industry and are a step ahead of their competition. (We have the skills needed to rock your procurement!)"
Sabrina Bähr
Sabrina Baehr
Managing Director


OCCON in numbers

Proven track record.

We are one of the most successful boutique logistics and procurement consultancy companies in Europe, with excellent customer satisfaction rates. Among our customers are global blue-chip companies and SME's active many industries. All of our customers are using OCCON's services and digital solutions to make their business more efficient and profitable.

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The Procurement & Logistics Experts

Strategy, Purchasing & Controlling at its best.

Our approach to providing our customers with Total Procurement Solutions – strategy change consulting united with software solutions – allows our customers to improve their efficiency and profitability long term and ultimately reach their goals.

We focus on ensuring that these achievements are not only measurable but sustainable over time.


The goal of our consulting approach is to create sustainable and profitable change within our customer's company no matter the size of the company or industry


Our highly skilled specialists identify key insights, best pratices and knowledge; they optimize and provide new perspectives on logistics and procurement


We lead the industry with our inhouse, tailor made innovative software solutions that place our customers ahead of their competitors

Flexified tendering has evolved.

No. 1 tendering platform for all commodities from office supplies and packaging materials to transportation

Flexible | All commodities | User friendly

Global Coverage
Extended Reporting
Flexible, tailor made
Best Rates
Tender Transparency
Seamless Awarding

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