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Autonomous trucks revolutionizing transportation

Self-driving cars from Tesla or Mercedes have revolutionized transportation. The concept of transportation got changed in its fundaments. With full automation, the driver is no longer needed and becomes the passenger. The cargo transportation sector has also discovered this trend. The same companies which changed the industry in the car sector now also want to change the cargo sector. In the article below you can read more about the amazing possibilities this new technology provides.With digitalization came changes to...


Logistics and pollution today

Global warming and the consequences of it have affected business and the daily life of every person on the planet. Companies and governments alike had to rethink to reduce pollution. Logistics play a key role because many types of pollution are created there. To reduce potential punitive damages companies need to be aware of these pollutions and think about how to cope with them. To learn what types of pollution are created by logistics read the following article.Climate change...


Air Cargo today and tomorrow

Hardly any invention has changed the way we travel and handle cargo as the invention of the airplane did. Planes are faster, and more flexible than ships, making them a valid alternative for the fast, modern logistics environment. Consumer trends like “next day delivery” and the resulting “overnight shipping” are made possible by a worldwide network of airlines, pilots, and airports. More information about the airplane industry and its current importance can be found in the article.The way freight...


Autonomous warehousing and its growing importance in logistics

Globalization has affected international trade and commerce. Every company must cope and beat the increasing international competition. Increasing international competition has forced companies to increase their operational efficiency. Warehousing, especially with trends like just-in-time (JIT), have become a key focus point for every company. In the article below you can read how technological improvements have made autonomous warehousing possible.Digitalization has reached almost every aspect of our life. It changed how we socialize, trade, communicate, and how we do logistics....


Cargo drones from hobby tools to masters of freight transportation

Human-less transportation is gaining in importance. Cost reduction, efficiency increase, or a general change in workforce and market conditions are reasons for that. For a long time, drones were perceived as gadgets useful for photography or video shooting. This is far from the truth nowadays. Drones have evolved and are now able to carry very heavy payloads. They find applications in both the military and the private sector. In the following article, you can read more about the cargo...


Just-in-time, solving key challenges in logistics

The complexity of supply-chains is increasing drastically in recent years. Customers expect same-day or overnight shipping of products ordered online. To provide that and reduce the risks associated with high inventories, companies need to rethink their entire supply chain. The just-in-time (JIT) system is one possible solution. Developed in Japan in the 1930s the system soon captured the world. Yet, the challenges created in modern society force companies to modernize JIT. The following article describes the concept of JIT...


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