Our Expertise: Your Procurement Strategy

In today’s fast-changing world, procurement strategies are being put to the test daily. Experts who have the right industry background and knowledge are needed to solve these complex challenges. Their importance for any business in any industry increased exponentially within the last decade. At OCCON we provide your company with just that, condensed in the form of

highly skilled specialists

Experts in their area of operation are able to share insights, look for room for optimization, and perhaps also provide new perspectives. Owning and being able to utilize these insights has proven to be an ever-increasingly important success factor for any business in any industry within the last decade. Based on those experiences, we carefully craft insights, best practices, and ultimately knowledge. Acting as a direct extension of your team, we function as an integrated member of your organization rather than an external consultant and put all those factors to work – for you.

The numbers speak for themselves: over the last decades, we have analyzed more than 96 bn $US spend in over 1.900 projects

Our consulting and management team accumulated experience from well over 20 years spread out across all major industries. These numbers stem from our clients that come from a variety of industry from automotive giants to private equity firms. To have a complete overview, please see the “Industry We Serve” tab. For every single one, we provide tailormade consulting services through our boutique “change consulting” approach. Only by actively listening to our customers we can create the perfect service for your business.

At the end of the day, the success of OCCON is built around our team. Their expertise, motivation, and experience are the driving forces. Our team stays informed about the latest trends and developments in the industry. To get an impression read one of our Newsletters.

We Support the entire Cycle

OCCON provides tailormade total solutions in logistics and procurement, so you can succeed in your business. We support you in the entire cycle. We combine strategic thinking, innovative technology, and field-tested applications. The scope of your project can cover global products & services or special tasks on a smaller scale.

We help senior management tackle and address strategic issues and long-term trends. Our principal concern is to match changes in the external environment with existing organizational capability. We run market and network reviews, we revise, define, and implement procurement strategies, as well as, monitoring and controlling, to ensure its correct implementation. On the tactical level, we support you in the entire tendering process from data collecting and cleaning, tender set up, carrier communication, launch, analysis, scenarios, and even negotiations.

Complete assessment of your logistics and procurement activities with in the market. Based on the results we can provide profitable insights that can help your company improve long term results

A network review goes beyond to see what’s really happening, not only is it a detailed look at your network but also, we identify opportunities of how each segment and carrier can improve; we also help predict performance and outcomes, so you can mitigate potential long term problems.

Purchasing teams have undergone profund transformation of the years, into becoming a main pillar within a company. We help identify and implement methods and best practices to improve purchasing teams’ impact in the company’s long term profitability

Monitoring and controlling are crucial steps in understanding what really occurs throughout your supply chain and to secure a correct strategy implementation


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