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Today is an important day as we are launching our Blog which will focus on topics around Procurement, Logistics and Digitalisation.


OCCON is an owner-managed and independent boutique consultancy company committed to providing strategic and digital solutions focused on procurement and logistics that aim to spark change and sustainable growth within organisations.

We combine strategic thinking, innovative technology and field-tested, inhouse-engineered applications and software for one goal: achieve change to impact long-term profitability of companies.

Our Headquarter has been based in Ludwigshafen, Germany since 2007. In 2018 we founded a second office in Istanbul , Turkey. In 2020 we opened our Business Innovation Centre in the center of Mannheim , Germany.


We work for manufacturing and trading groups of various industries with global activities such as automotive, chemical, consumer, pharma, etc.


FLEXIBILITY At OCCON we believe in individualised solutions. Both, our consulting and software solutions are completely adapted and dedicated to our clients’ needs.

INTEGRITY We at OCCON believe that trust is the keystone needed for the development of any business relationship.

RELIABILITY All services offered by OCCON are field-tested and constantly optimized. We want to offer the most reliable service and software solutions in the industry.


Our aim is to share Market Insights and Trends in Procurement, Logistics & Digitalisation with you. You can expect blogs about various topics such as the seafreight container market which is currently going crazy with rates exceeding 400% compared to 2019. Supply issues in raw material could be a topic, procurement instruments of the future or typical challenges of changing an organisation.

Remember the change from IFO (bunker oil) to low sulphur oil in 2019, this had been something that had a big impact on the rate level in the container business and brought some insecure feelings to the shippers. At that time we published some insights which we would in future publish in our blog.

Besides that we will also approach clients that might be interested in sharing some good content via our blog. You can be curious!


We are planning to publish our blog articles every 2 weeks in order be able to keep track but also deliver valueable insights. You will be made aware of the Blog either by registering your mail adress or by following our social media communication on LinkedIn and Twitter.


In case you know OCCON already you will know we are not the kind of people who are talking senseless stuff. We are content- and quality oriented. So follow us in case you are interested in real interesting trends and topics of the following sectors: (e-)Procurement, Logistics, Transport Logistics, Tendering / Auctioning, Digitalisation and Supply Chain Management.

We are happy about all kinds of follower. However, you might benefit the most if you belong to one of the below described groups:

  1. You are in a leading function and want to keep track on the latest developments in the above sectors to be able to evaluate the results and strategies presented by your team.
  2. Or you are a Purchasing and / or Tender Manager who wants to follow the market or you are interested in options how to digitalise and what can be digitalised.
  3. You might be a Leader in the Logistics sector who’s experience is not covering all commodities why you want to follow some market insights.
  4. You might be a student who is greedy for knowledge.
  5. Or you are just an OCCON fan

We are happy about all kinds of followers even if you do not see yourself well explained above.


Our customers appreciate our “special” way of working. We are professionals delivering results – what should be a standard – but in contrary to other players we are reliable, human, trustworthy and really good in the communication with all stakeholders, parties and job-levels involved. Our longterm customers know, if they work with OCCON, their project will be a success.

As explained at the beginning this is our main target. However, with this blog we also want to get in touch with new people and stay in touch with people that are currently not working with us. We want to share our experience and ideas with a larger audience.

We would appreciate if you follow us and share our blog with other people who might be interested.

Let’s start this journey together. I hope you will like my way of writing.


Sabrina Bähr

My name is Sabrina Baehr, I am Co-Founder and Managing Director of OCCON.

In OCCON I am responsible for the strategy, project management, IT development and HR. I have been a hardworking person my whole live, started jobbing when I was 14 years old. My husband says I need a permanent challenging stress level to feel good – I guess he is right 🙂 I am doing my job with a lot of passion and I care about the people who are involved. Planning, organisation and leading our team to successful results are my key competences.

In my private live I am mum of a wonderful daughter who has shown me there is more than work that is worth to be enjoyed. And there is also my husband who can calm me down, helps me to see the positive side of everything and who is supporting us a lot with the OCCON strategy.

Besides my great job I like to travel and I love sports. Since 2019 I am doing crossfit what became a new challenge in my live as it is the heaviest and most painful sport I have ever done but on the other hand the only sport I ever loved so much.


Please click here to find out more about OCCON.


You want to comment or discuss anything? Do not hesitate to send us a mail to or use the contact section below. Maybe you disagree and like to discuss this as well, do not hesitate. We are Consultants and we are used to be challenged.

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