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SEA CONTAINER RATES WON’T BE BACK ON PRE-CRISIS LEVEL STRATEGIES TO RE-SHAPE YOUR SUPPLY CHAIN Q3 RATE LEVEL ON MAJOR TRADES Based on contracted rates with Shipping Lines we have reached another all-time-high in the sea container market. Compared to Q2 especially Central East Asia to North America East Coast shows a high increase of 130% reaching roughly 10K USD per 40Ft Container. The other 2 extremes we are seeing are NAEC to NWEU which increased by 49% and SAEC to NAEC which...



STRATEGY SOMETIMES NEEDS PAPER The trend in procurement and all other segments is digitalisation WE ARE... working paperless reading E-Books working on mobile devices and apps in private and business life having video calls every day receiving digital material for all our important meetings CAN YOU REMEMBER THE PAST 🙂, WHEN WE WERE... reading real books printing our company profiles and meeting materials taking our notes on paper MANAGEMENT OF CHANGE Many things have changed since I have attended school and they are still...


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