Industrial Manufacturing

The industrial manufacturing industry is the backbone of the worldwide economy. Machinery, parts, and other equipment are needed for production and important in a multitude of industries. Products are made to the customer demands and thus a great deal of flexibility is needed in the entire organization. This flexibility is especially needed in logistics and procurement. Having a well-organized, yet flexible logistics and procurement tool in place can allow companies to increase operational efficiency.

We provide our company with just that. By working with OCCON your company can achieve cost reductions of up to 18%. Many of our over 50 happy customers achieved similar savings. Our team can help your company to reduce logistics costs and create an overall leaner supply-chain. We provide flexible services by adapting to your needs and finding optimal solutions. You can take advantage of our vast experience and knowledge database and make your business more efficient.

"Good Portal to use. Effective, fast response time. Excellent quality given."
Paul Hayes
CEVA Logistics (UK)​
"Professional and good, very. Quick and supportive. Good throughout the process."
Rolf Richter

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