Consumer Goods

The consumer goods industry plays an important role in everybody’s daily life. For a long time, the industry was relatively stable with established processes. Possibilities and challenges created through globalization changed that. Producers suddenly had access to new markets and demand grew outside of their home market. With this came new challenges – different market conditions, legislative systems, and global competition. Players were forced to rethink their packaging, production, and transportation. The changing market conditions created substantial new possibilities for savings and cost cuttings. Being first means being a step ahead of the competition. Unrealized logistic potentials can be used to gain the needed edge and overtake the competition.

We at OCCON can help your company achieve this needed advantage and win the competition. In the past, we were able to achieve cost savings of up to 18% with customers. A cornerstone of this success is our individualistic and teamwork-oriented approach. Our flexible e-sourcing tool NOCCO is ideal for managing and optimizing your tendering processes. We, together with your company, develop the perfect solution for your procurement and logistical challenges. Because of this approach we have 50 happy customers with 83% returning customers rate. Together we can make your company realize its full potential.

Customer Success Stories

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"Good Portal to use. Effective, fast response time. Excellent quality given."
Paul Hayes
CEVA Logistics (UK)​
"Professional and good, very. Quick and supportive. Good throughout the process."
Rolf Richter

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