Chemical Industry

The chemical industry is one of the most important industries around the world. It affects the daily life of most, if not every person on the planet. The industry is facing fast-changing challenges which impact logistics systems and procurement. Transporting chemicals requires high quality and safety standards to maintain product quality and guarantee safety. The industry is very complex with many different companies offering unique products tailormade for their customers’ demands. These products require “change consulting” as well as tailor-made logistics solutions.

OCCON’s tailormade service offering helps chemical companies to successfully solve all existing challenges. The promise of offering high quality consulting and outsourcing solutions for our customers already allowed leading blue-chip companies of us to save up to 18% in their logistics costs. Working with OCCON means working with a team looking to find the ideal solution for your specific logistics-related business problem.

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Paul Hayes
CEVA Logistics (UK)​
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Rolf Richter

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