Change Consulting

With over 13 years of business and industry experience, we developed our very own consulting approach- "Change Consulting". The goal of our consulting approach is to create a sustainable and profitable change within our customer's company. Our success is built around the experience and knowledge of our team of consultants, that deliver the right "profitable insights" and know-how, supported with the right tools to drive change within your organisation. Our team of high-skilled and motivated consultants will allow your company to change its logistics and procurement strategy to create a sustainable competitive advantage. We help you with shaping your procurement strategy and organization. Together we will allow your company to transform and evolve in today's highly competitive environment and create an advantage. Today we are consulting a global customer portfolio that is based in all industries and sectors.

Our Building Blocks to Change

At OCCON our people, our high-quality service and products, define us and the way we act.

OCCON's goal is to create the future of the logistics industry, and we do so, through our people, best-in-class field experts in logistics and procurement; people that provide complete consulting service, and develop the best software solutions in the market. Our team takes part in creating a sustainable, effective, and innovative future. It is our aim to provide the best consulting and software solutions in the industry, by implementing the latest technologies and tracking the most recent trends.


Consulting and IT experts with field experience, the right know-how, that deliver the right profitable insights and support your company throughout the entire process. Our team of consultants work as part of your team.


We provide a complete service, that begins with spotting the right insights, creating and developing the correct strategies onto its implementation. We are flexible with our individualized solutions and take you through them step by step to achieve the best result.


Our software solutions are field-tested, individualized, and constantly optimized. We aim to offer the most reliable and complete solutions in the industry. We do it with integrity, by keeping your information safe and providing you with complete control.

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