Automotive Industry

Automobiles play an important role in individual, public, and logistic transportation. The automobile has come a long way from 1886 to today. New trends like self-driving cars, electronic vehicles, and connectivity are changing the entire industry at a rapid pace. New players emerge, while well established ones need to rethink. This change in consumer preferences also leads to a change in the logistics systems. Having a lean supply-chain with reliable suppliers is growing in importance with the development of more complex supply chains. This is where OCCON comes into play.

We as OCCON are helping our partners in the automotive industry to create a leaner logistics system. By applying our in-house developed tool NOCCO to your tendering process, we can reduce your logistics costs by up to 18%. Our team believes in an individual approach for every customer to guarantee that they get the perfect tool “flexibilized” to their needs. To guarantee that, we work closely with our customers as a team member to make a positive impact on your company’s bottom line.

"Good Portal to use. Effective, fast response time. Excellent quality given."
Paul Hayes
CEVA Logistics (UK)​
"Professional and good, very. Quick and supportive. Good throughout the process."
Rolf Richter

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