Agriculture Industry

The agriculture industry is facing incredible challenges at the moment. Resources are limited but demand is increasing rapidly with increasing population numbers worldwide. Managing the existing resources and increasing the usage efficiency is crucial. Cost reduction is one of the measures agriculture companies can do to increase overall operational and strategic efficiency. Logistics is an ideal sector since there is no impact on product quality by cutting costs.

We at OCCON will help your agriculture company do exactly that, save money on the bottom line. By analyzing your current logistics strategy, we can find opportunities to reduce costs and increase overall efficiency. For that, we work closely with your logistics department teams to guarantee the perfect strategy and its implementation. Working with us means becoming members of our network of global blue-chip customers, who all benefit from our expertise and in-house developed e-sourcing tools and software to improve their logistic strategy, and ultimately day to day business.

"Good Portal to use. Effective, fast response time. Excellent quality given."
Paul Hayes
CEVA Logistics (UK)​
"Professional and good, very. Quick and supportive. Good throughout the process."
Rolf Richter

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