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We play on your team. We deliver procurement solutions. We achieve great results together.

A leading consultancy partner of innovative procurement and logistics solutions and software. A European-based but global consulting powerhouse. We are all this and more. Our team of consultants at OCCON consists of experienced logistics and procurement experts coming from a variety of industries. We believe in diversity and teamwork, and working together with our customers to solve all challenges successfully. Only together great change can be achieved and sustainable competitive advantages maintained in time. Because real and long-term solutions require more than one-sided efforts, OCCON has organized itself and its offerings around achieving the best results for its customers – quickly, easily, efficiently. Our customer's success is our goal.

"At OCCON our team is the source of our success. By having industry experts from many different industries we can provide the best possible solutions for our clients. We are constantly monitoring new trends in order to provide up-to-date and future-ready solutions. When you decide to work with OCCON, you decide to look ahead and be ready for the future."
Joachim Stellner
Managing Director

Our procurement solutions go hand in hand with our in-house developed software applications.


Our Values

At OCCON our values define us and the way we act. It is important to remind us daily of who we are and what we stand for. By reminding ourselves of these values, we as a company and as part of the society can make a positive impact. They define how we act and communicate internally and with our customers. All our values are lived daily and shared by all of our employees.


At OCCON we believe in individualized solutions. Both, our consulting and software solutions are completely adapted and dedicated to our clients' needs. We do not want to offer standard solutions, we deliver "flexibilized" solutions. OCCON believes that the solutions must fit to the customer and not the other way around.


We at OCCON believe that trust is the keystone needed for the development of any business relationship. Therefore, integrity and trust are so important to us. When choosing to work with us, you can trust that your data and information are safe with us. Our IT-security experts make sure, that your data is securely saved. You are always in control of who has access to your information. You are in complete control and we secure your data and prevent any data or information leaks.


All services offered by OCCON are well field-tested and constantly optimized. We want to offer the most reliable service and software solutions in the industry. To guarantee that, we have implemented a continuous improvement cycle on our operating plan. We never stop and always strive to improve all aspects of our consulting and software offerings.


Our Procurement Heritage

Procurement solutions and logistics are embedded in our DNA.

OCCON is a leading boutique strategy consultancy for procurement and logistics focused on providing digital solutions that began operating in 2007 from Mannheim, Germany.

Procurement, logistics, and supply chain knowledge have always been embedded in our DNA. All of our consultants bring in the needed knowledge and skills, motivation, and drive to help you improve your business. Our consultants at OCCON accompany you, your team, and your company in all strategically important fields of procurement and sourcing. We develop and adapt our software solutions to meet and exceed your needs and expectations. In addition, we help with successfully implementing the jointly developed strategies.

For our customers, we are constantly developing effective and sustainable solutions that result in profitable growth. We combine our knowledge and software solutions to rock your logistics and procurement!

2020 OCCON History
Opening of OCCON Business Innovation Centre in Mannheim, Germany
2019 OCCON History
Launch of NOCCO e-Sourcing Platform
2018 OCCON History
Expansion and opening of OCCON Istanbul Office
2017 OCCON History
First complete Outsourcing Solution and OCCON 10 Year Anniversary
2014 OCCON History
Launch of New OCCON Corporate Image and Global Launch of ACE 3 e-Sourcing Platform
2009 OCCON History
Successful relaunch of ACE 2 e-Sourcing Platform
2008 OCCON History
OCCON Headquarters established in Ludwigshafen am Rhein, Germany
2007 OCCON History
OCCON GmbH initiates operations in Mannheim, Germany

Our Leadership

Our people are field experts that deliver Best-in-Class results every time to our customers. OCCON's success is built around its people, their experience, motivation and expertise. The management team head our operations globally and lead a team of over 20 supply chain, logistics and IT professionals. Together they cover all areas of procurement and logistics and are looking forward to collaborating with your company.

Joachim Stellner

Managing Director

Joachim is a logistics and supply chain professional with a 20 year-long experience in setting up workable solutions in major industries. Joachim co-founded OCCON GmbH with Sabrina Bähr in 2007, and has supported co-managing since then. His focus is on product development, customer relationship management and sales.

Sabrina Baehr

Managing Director

Sabrina has a strong back in Supply Chain Management, particularly in the automotive and pharma industry. She is driving the success of our in-house e-sourcing platform. Leading people by improving their skills directly impacts the quality of our whole team. Consistently, Sabrina is also responsible for human resources.

Our Clients

Global industry leaders rely on OCCON's procurement solutions consultancy and software to perform and achieve game-changing results and goals.


Our Partners

Together with our business partners, we work closely to enhance our performance, foster, and nurture internal creativity and passion in our people. We learn from each other, our company cultures, and together develop solutions to achieve common goals: deliver the best strategic and digital logistics and procurement solutions to our customers.

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